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Company name
November 1, 1991
Yasuhiko Sakanishi
Importation, manufacture and sale of baby products
Senba-Asahi Building 5F, 2-3-14,
Honmachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka, JAPAN

There are new and wondrous discoveries on a daily basis when raising a child,
especially those precious first few years.
Our mission is to help parents enjoy this magical time in their life with unique and creative products.
We focus on selecting items that were designed from the mother’s perspective. In one way or another,
these carefully engineered products help mothers and fathers simplify their daily caretaking duties.
Many of the products are also beautifully designed and are a perfect fit to a modern, stylish household,
which make them easily accessible for the father, as well.

We have developed original products,
as well as selected high quality products from around the world that specifically match the Japanese lifestyle.
We strive to provide safe, fun and unique solutions to a caretaker’s everyday needs.

For more convenient, safer and an enjoyable parenting experience.
This is our philosophy behind T-REX’s "Smart from the Start!".
We are here to support parents and their newborns with new, innovative parenting solutions.

Yasuhiko Sakanishi

For the Children of the Future
T-REX believes that we are responsible for creating a world where children feel safe
and grow up to be strong and healthy.
We are active participants in environmental conservation
and programs that help build safe and better environments for children around the world.

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Support For Bumbo Care Centre in South Africa
We support children’s education by sending crayons to the children of South Africa,
where the Bumbo® floor seat was designed.

Rebuilding the Tohoku Region
After the 3.11 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami,
we have subscribed and backed up to a big project to rebuild the region
by planting trees in the debris along the coastal levee to prevent erosion
and protecting the coast from the ocean.

Hyogo Children's Center
Donation: "Children's Dinosaur Book Collection"

Support for cricket team "Osaka Raiders"

  • Wide range of lineups with high quality
    materials and specs
  • Made for more affluent life
    from mom's point of view.
  • Extreme feeling of safety with cradle
    sling. Master for lulling a baby to sleep.
  • Stable running with big wheels.
    A strollersucceeds a Jeep spirit.
  • The Bumbo is a parenting essential
    and the perfect first seat for babies.
  • Swedish designed items with the
    highest quality in both design and
  • Just add your ingredients and set your
    steam time, and the machine will do
    the rest.
  • Sensory development ball for babies that is great for stretching, grasping, and teething.
  • Sustainable baby dishes to match your environmentally aware lifestyle.
  • New generation of bioplastics for eco-friendly babyware.
  • Bags of natural goodness!
  • Rich in vitamins, pure and harmonious taste in colorful squeeze bags.
  • Baby goods selected from all over the